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  • What products are offered with rounded corners?

    Rounded corners are available for most products that will be printed on 15pt card stock, such as Premium Business Cards, Euro Business Cards, Postcards, Announcements, Invitations, Rack Cards, Bookmarks and some Flyer sizes.
  • How do I order Mailing Services for postcards or greeting cards?

    To place a Mailing Service order, please follow the steps below.
    1. Create an account or login to your existing account.
    2. Choose Upload A List (continue to #3) or Enter Addresses Manually (skip to #4). Please note that we do not mail internationally and recommend removing any international addresses prior to uploading or creating a mailing list.
    3. To upload an existing database list, the following file types are accepted: CSV, text, XLS, DSB. Please note that addresses are limited to three (3) lines (Name, Address and City/State/Zip).
    4. Click Save & Continue.
    5. For POSTCARDS, review the USPS Regulations and be sure to leave the red areas designated for the post office free of all color, text and watermarks. Then skip to #8. For GREETING CARDS, continue to #6.
    6. Upload your design file or create it using one of our online design options (Build Your Own Design or Browse Our Designs).
    7. For GREETING CARDS, select white envelopes (USPS does not accept colored envelopes).
    8. For all products, select the quantity and any gloss UV coating. (NOTE: Gloss UV coating can only be applied to the front)
    9. Once in the Shopping Cart, select a Mailing Service from the "To Apply a Mailing List" drop down menu. (NOTE: You will not have the option "To Apply a Mailing List" if there is full gloss coating on the back of your Postcard)
    10. Where applicable, select the desired Mailing Type (1st Class or Standard).
    11. If there no extra prints from your Mailing list, enter the Billing Zip Code. If there will be any extra prints, you may choose to have the extras mailed to you by entering your Shipping Zip Code (See Shipping Information for more details).
    12. Complete checkout.