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  • Can I add rounded corners to presentation folders?

    No, rounded corners are not available for presentation folders.
  • How to I design for rounded corners?

    Our rounded corner radius is 0.25 inches. Please design your files full bleed to account for our cutting tolerance of 1/16th of an inch on all sides. Keep all text well within the Safe Zone to ensure proper cutting for rounded corners.
  • What products are offered with rounded corners?

    Rounded corners are available for most products that will be printed on 15pt card stock, such as Premium Business Cards, Euro Business Cards, Postcards, Announcements, Invitations, Rack Cards, Bookmarks and some Flyer sizes.
  • Can magnets have rounded corners?

    No, rounded corners are not available for magnet products.
  • Why can't I add Mailing Services to my order?

    For Mailing Services, orders must adhere to all USPS Regulations. Postcard orders (Postcard sizes 4x6, 4.25x5.5, 5x7, 5.5x8.5, 6x9, or 6x11 Jumbo Mailer) with the following CANNOT be delivered using our Mailing Services:
    1. Full gloss coating or spot UV on back of Postcard
    2. Rounded corners
    3. Containing any vulgarity, pornographic or illegal material