Top Questions about Common Mistakes

  • Why aren't my fonts displaying correctly in the preview?

    Fonts may not render correctly depending on the external program used and how the file is saved. For best results, we require all text and images to be embedded or outlined prior to uploading the design file. We recommend submitting flattened files to prevent this from occurring.
  • The file I submitted has a white space around the design. Is this correct?

    No, if there is white space around the design, then the file may not contain a Full Bleed.

    If you wish to have colored backgrounds or images continue to the edge of the product, they must be extended past the Safe Zone to the Full Bleed margin. If they do not continue to the Full Bleed line, you will most likely end up with white stripes along the edge of the product due to the cutting tolerance. See our Design Guide for an example of how to design with a FULL BLEED.

  • My text is outside the safe zone. Is this correct?

    No, if text is placed past the Safe Zone (dotted red line), it is considered as Out of Zone Printing.

    In order to ensure proper cut, place all important text and images well within the Safe Zone. We can potentially cut the cards up to this point. Anything extending outside this area risks being trimmed. See our Design Guide for an example of OUT OF ZONE PRINTING.

  • Why does my submitted file look blurry?

    Files should be submitted at 300 dpi to print clearly and correctly. The thumbnail shown is a low resolution preview of the submitted file. If the preview appears blurry, the file may be pixelated, which may affect the quality of the printed product. See our Design Guide for the types of PIXELATION that are not accepted.
  • How do I design an even border?

    We do not recommend designs with a frame or border due to the nature of our cutting. All designs should include a Full Bleed to ensure proper cutting. If you'd like to design a border, start the frame/border well within the Safe Zone and extend it to the Full Bleed edge as the cut can occur anywhere within this area.
  • My file looks like it shifted in the preview. How do I fix this?

    If the file appears to have shifted in the preview, then the artboard size may not be designed to the proper specifications. Full bleed dimensions can be found under the Upload Info / Start Files tab on each Product Page or view our QUICK SPECS. Please submit flattened files for correct preview.
  • The file I submitted looks tiny. How do I fix this?

    The submitted file likely does not meet the required specifications. Make sure your file resolution is built to 300 dpi.