Top Questions about Shipping Information

  • Do standard shipping methods apply to direct mail orders?

    No, Overnight Prints Mailing Services apply different shipping methods than standard orders without a mailing list.

    Postcard sizeShipping Method
    4.25" x 5.5" First Class
    4" x 6" First Class
    5"x 7"First Class or Standard
    5.5" x 8.5" First Class or Standard
    6" x 11"First Class or Standard
  • When will my direct mail reach my customers?

    Mailing Services orders will be printed and mailed within 6 business days of your order date; however, we do not offer targeted mailing dates. If shipped via First Class mail, your customers will begin receiving direct mail within 3-6 business days of mailing. If shipped via Standard Mail, your customers will begin receiving direct mail within 6-15 business days of mailing.

    NOTE: The Expected Delivery Date applies only to any extra prints sent to the purchaser, not the Mailing List recipients.

  • What if I have more names on my mailing list than the amount of products ordered?

    We recommend purchasing the exact or next highest quantity to ensure delivery to all addresses on your mailing list.

    If your order contains fewer products than the number of addresses on your Mailing List, products will be sent out to the first addresses from the list until your product supply is exhausted. Please note that address are pre-sorted for mailing and cannot be guaranteed to be sent in any particular order.

    For delivery to the remaining addresses, another Mailing Services order will need to be placed for the remaining quantity. As part of our service, the full mailing list is saved to My Account for up to 6 months.

  • What if the product quantity exceeds the names on my mailing list?

    If the number of products ordered exceeds the number of addresses on the mailing list by 25 or more, you may choose to have the remaining products mailed to your own address (Example: List contains 452 recipients, but closest product quantity is 500). Please note that Postcards may contain postal marks.

    To receive delivery of the overages, check the option to "Ship the extras" and select the desired Shipping Method on the Approve & Order Page. Priority/Standard Ground is highly recommended.

  • Do I need to include a return address on direct mail products?

    No, it is not required to provide a return address on your direct mail products. For Greeting Cards, return service is only available if an address is provided on the envelope.