Top Questions about Folded Products

  • What are the folding guidelines for brochures?

    Overnight Prints offers folded brochures in Tri-Fold, Z-Fold and Bi-Fold. To correctly size the folding panels, we recommend downloading our product START FILES in the desired folding type in order to build the file to specifications.

    Please note that there is a 1/16" cutting tolerance AND a 1/16" folding tolerance that may cause the image to shift after the product has been printed, cut and folded. For best results, we recommend a gradient or solid color background.

  • What are the file specifications for folded greeting cards?

    To correctly design a Bi-Fold Greeting Card, we recommend downloading our product START FILES. The fold line represents the approximate location where the Greeting Cards will be scored for folding.

    Keep in mind that the fold line may not be center of the design due to our cutting tolerance.

  • What other products can be folded?

    We do not recommend folding products that are not already scored as it may result in ink chipping. If you are planning to fold business card and postcard products in any way, please contact us via Online Chat to verify the correct orientation for folding.