Top Questions about Self Inking Stamps

  • What are self-inking stamps?

    Self-Inking Stamps are rubber stamps located inside of a black ink cartridge. The stamp is pressed against an ink plate made of specially foamed materials that dispense black ink to ensure an even transfer of ink and no loss of quality. For best results, design your stamp file using thick, bold text. Generally, we do not recommend script or thin fonts.
  • Should I use a certain font size for Self-Inking Stamps?

    It is strongly recommended to use a font size no less than 8 point for legibility on our Self-Inking Stamps. This will allow for the rubber to distinguish between characters and increase the readability of your stamped image.
  • What color ink is offered for Self-Inking Stamps?

    Our Self-Inking Stamps are offered in black ink cartridges.
  • How long do self-inking stamps last?

    Our Self-Inking Stamps last anywhere from 20,000 to 25,000 impressions. Higher humidity levels can result in more impressions from the stamp.
  • How do I refill my Self-Inking Stamp?

    Ink refills can be purchased from your local office supply store. To refill your Self-Inking Stamp:

    1. Separate the gray detachable bottom from the main unit of the stamp
    2. Add a few drops of ink to each of the 3 refill plugs at the top of the stamp (2 rectangular and 1 round)
    3. Gently snap the gray bottom back onto the main unit