Top Questions about Package & Delivery Issues

  • Damaged Package

    If packages are damaged in transit or the carrier claims it is undeliverable, Overnight Prints will reprint with the same production and delivery terms, to begin from the time of resolution. Once the carrier confirms the package has been damaged, Overnight Prints may then issue compensation.

    To help resolve this matter quickly and efficiently, please login to My Account or navigate to Contact Us to submit an inquiry under Existing Order.

  • Lost/Undeliverable Package

    Please contact us within thirty (30) business days of the estimated delivery date to inquire about a lost package.

    If the lost package is found, Overnight Prints will redirect the lost order with the same delivery terms, to begin at the time of resolution. Packages found by the carrier will be rerouted to the customer promptly once located. Shipping carriers typically require a 10 business day window for refund of shipping costs.

    If a lost package is not found, Overnight Prints will require confirmation from the carrier prior to resolution. Resolutions may include a reprint with the same production and delivery terms beginning at the time of resolution or issuance of compensation.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If a package is undeliverable for an incorrect address, additional fees may apply for a reprint or reshipment.

    Refused or undeliverable orders that are on time are not the responsibility of Overnight Prints and not eligible for reprint, store credit or refund. Orders returned without an RMA to Overnight Prints as undeliverable may be recycled or eligible for reshipment based on the reason of the failed delivery attempt.