Top Questions about Print

  • What is Bleed?

    Bleed is a method of extending a design past the finished page margins in order to be trimmed when printed. Making the image bleed ensures the final printed piece does not contain white lines on the edges.
  • What are Crop Marks?

    Also known as trim marks, crop marks lines indicate where the paper will be trimmed to its finished size. It is recommended to add bleed to avoid white lines on the edges of a printed piece.
  • What is a Safe Zone?

    A safe zone is an area inside the trim that is safe from being trimmed or cut off. All important assets, including text and graphics, should be placed within the safe zone.
  • What is a Soft Proof?

    A soft proof is a digital sample of a print piece viewable on a computer screen.
  • What is Trim?

    Trim is the finished size of a printed piece after it has been trimmed.
  • What is Die Cut?

    Die cut is the process of cutting a specific shape or pattern into a printed design using a sharp die.
  • What is Foil Stamping?

    Foil stamping is a heat-pressing technique that applies a foil image to a printed design.
  • What is Offset Printing?

    Offset printing is a printing method that transfers an inked image from a plate to a rubber surface then rolled onto paper. Offset is the most common printing method for high volumes.
  • What is Digital Printing?

    Digital printing is a printing method that uses toner or liquid ink. Digital printing is typically used for lower quantities and variable printing.
  • What is Letterpressing?

    Letterpressing, also called 'block printing', a printing technique that creates an impression by pressing a metal type into paper.
  • What is Dye Sublimation?

    Dye sublimation is a method of printing where waxy ink is heated to a pre-set temperature that is high enough to allow the ink to vaporize and instantly bond with a special type of paper. The result is an image with an apparent continuous tonal color.
  • What is TWAIN?

    TWAIN applies to scanners and is a standard scanners and digital cameras use for communicating.