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  • Are the colors shown on the preview accurate?

    Overnight Prints does not guarantee color will match the preview as it appears on a customer's monitor as we cannot compensate for color variance. See above COLOR POLICY for more details.
  • What is Die Cut?

    Die cut is the process of cutting a specific shape or pattern into a printed design using a sharp die.
  • What is Foil Stamping?

    Foil stamping is a heat-pressing technique that applies a foil image to a printed design.
  • What is Hex?

    Hex is a color code used in HTML, CSS and design software. Colors are defined by a pound sign (#) followed by six-digit combination of letters and numbers.
  • What is Pantone?

    Pantone or 'Pantone Matching System' is a proprietary color system of colors used to match colors in print design.
  • What is Tint?

    Tint is a variety of a color created by adding white to a hue. This creates lighter colors, such as pastels.
  • What is Grayscale?

    Grayscale is a monochromatic range of gray shades.
  • What is a Complementary Color?

    A complementary color scheme is based on two opposite colors on the color wheel.
  • What is Monochrome?

    Monochrome is a color scheme based on one color or different shades of a single color.
  • What is an Analogous Color?

    Analogous color schemes are based on three colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel.
  • What is Saturation?

    Saturation is the brightness or intensity of a hue in an image or design. The more saturated, the more pure and vivid the color appears.
  • What is Triadic?

    A triadic color scheme is based on three colors evenly spaced apart on the color wheel. The dominant color and two accent colors create a triangle on the color wheel.
  • What is Chroma?

    Chroma is the purity or brightness of a color with no black, white or gray added.
  • What is Opacity?

    Opacity is the degree of transparency of a design element. Lower opacities achieve more transparency whereas 100 percent opacity achieves a solid text or image.
  • What formula is best for a rich black?

    We recommend the following formula: 75% Cyan, 40% Magenta, 40% Yellow and 100% Black.
  • What is Shade?

    Shade is a variety of a color created by adding black to a hue. This creates deeper, dark colors.
  • What is a Gradient?

    A gradient is a gradual transition or fade from one color to another. Common gradient techniques are radial, when one color is positioned in the center, or linear, when colors are on opposite ends.
  • What is Tone?

    Tone is a variety of a color created by adding black and white, or gray, to a hue. This creates a duller, less intense version of a pure color.
  • What is a Palette?

    A palette is the range of colors chosen for an illustration or design. Colors are typically harmonious with one another for an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • The product received isn't the color I approved.

    All Overnight Prints orders are printed on gang runs, which means multiple jobs are printed on one press sheet. As such, different designs surrounding your print(s) on the press sheet can affect the overall color and contrast.  See above COLOR POLICY for more details.
  • What is Offset Printing?

    Offset printing is a printing method that transfers an inked image from a plate to a rubber surface then rolled onto paper. Offset is the most common printing method for high volumes.
  • What is Digital Printing?

    Digital printing is a printing method that uses toner or liquid ink. Digital printing is typically used for lower quantities and variable printing.
  • What is Letterpressing?

    Letterpressing, also called 'block printing', a printing technique that creates an impression by pressing a metal type into paper.
  • Color Policy

    Overnight Prints guarantees orders designed within the provided specifications will not be defective due to printing errors, coating errors, cutting errors or bindery errors. Overnight Prints guarantees prints will not be defective in accordance with CMYK industry standards for pleasing color. We offer no guarantee of "match-print" color fidelity and cannot prevent slight color shift throughout an order.

    Overnight Prints is not responsible for any color shift that occurs in conversions from RGB to CMYK color modes. We recommend all custom designs be designed and uploaded in CMYK.

    For best results, we recommend limiting the magenta hues in the design by at least 10% if your file contains large quantities of blues and purples.

  • What is Hue?

    Hue is any pure color on the color wheel, such as red, blue or green.
  • What is CMYK?

    CMYK stands for the primary colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and key (or black), this is the four-color model typically used for printing, achieved by mixing the colors together.
  • What is RGB?

    RGB stands for the primary colors of red, blue and green, these are the colors displayed on a digital screen.
  • What is a Color Wheel?

    A Color Wheel is a circle showing the relationship between 12 primary, secondary and tertiary colors.
  • What is a customer error?

    Customer errors include incorrect file submission in accordance with our specifications, duplicate orders, customer misunderstandings of turnaround time, slight color variances within four-color (CMYK) industry standards for pleasing color, designs not within stated cutting and folding tolerances, undeliverable packages/third delivery attempts or refusal of delivery and orders returned without an RMA.

    Overnight Prints cannot and does not check any submission for spelling, grammar or any other textual errors. The design will be printed as it appears during the approval step. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that all materials submitted for printing are formatted correctly and free of spelling or grammatical errors.

    Overnight Prints does not recommend designs with borders due to the nature of our cutting. We cannot guarantee the bordered design will be perfectly centered after cut.

    Refused or undeliverable orders that are on time are not the responsibility of Overnight Prints, and are not eligible for reprint, store credit or refund. Orders returned without an RMA label to Overnight Prints as undeliverable may be recycled or eligible for reshipment based on the reason of the failed delivery attempt. Please contact us via Online Chat within 30 days of the scheduled delivery date.

    Refused or undeliverable orders ineligible for dispute resolution include:

    1. Business closed
    2. Returned if mail carrier attempted 3 times
    3. Customer did not indicate as commercial address
    4. Mailing address in a rural area that is not a P.O. Box

    No compensation is offered for any of the above listed customer errors or for the below items:

    • Blank card
    • Borders
    • Incorrect card orientation
    • Crop marks
    • Folding out of spec
    • Hard to read
    • Inverted stamp file
    • Mini image
    • Missing logo
    • No text
    • Not full bleed
    • Colors out of the CMYK color gamut
    • Text or important images out of the safe zone
    • Pixelation
    • Visible template lines
    • Files with rounded corners designed into image


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