Top Questions about Booklets

  • Does Overnight Prints offer short binding?

    No, booklets are saddle-stitched on the long edge and cannot be bound on the short edge.
  • How do I upload files for multi-page booklets?

    We do not recommend uploading two-page spreads for booklets. For best results, design and upload each file as a single page.
  • Does Overnight Prints offer perfect binding?

    No, OvernightPrints offers saddle-stitched, self-cover or card cover booklets.
  • What is saddle stitched?

    Saddle stitching is a method of book binding that stacks collated sheets folded in half and bound at the crease with staples. Two staples are commonly used along the spine.
  • What is the turnaround time for booklets?

    Booklets take at least seven (7) business days to be printed. Transit time in shipping is then added for delivery. For a fee, BITGIT® is available for overnight delivery of booklets.

    See Shipping & Turnaround for available shipping options.