Custom Tissue Paper

Increase brand awareness and gift appreciation with custom printed tissue paper
Increase brand awareness and gift appreciation with custom printed tissue paper

Whether you want to add a touch of glamour to your gift or ensure your customers remember you, personalized tissue paper will do the job. This versatile packaging material not only protects the products but is also a great marketing tool for small online retailers to stand out from other businesses by enhancing the customers’ experience. Lining a gift box with personalized tissue paper makes your present more memorable and unique.

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    Custom Tissue Paper
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    Custom Tissue Paper with Overnight Prints

    Want to strengthen your brand or use it as an advertising tool in your marketing campaign? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Along with protection properties, it can certainly increase your brand awareness.

    Tissue paper is regularly used to decorate gifts or to protect fragile and sensitive items. However, many companies neglect the idea that custom printed tissue wrapping is also a great marketing tool that high-end fashion retailers have utilized for a long time. Wrapping a product in custom tissue paper with a logo makes the packaging more attractive while developing brand recognition at the same time. This luxury addition builds customer engagement with your brand and makes them feel special.

    Overnight Prints has a wide range of tissue paper available in four different sizes and various paper densities that can be custom printed with your logo. Select ready-made pattern templates from our professional collection. We offer vivid colors for your design to give it a rich feel to your tissue paper. You have an option of printing your designs in full or tiled throughout the wrapping paper. The available sizes are:

    • 10 inches by 15 inches
    • 15 inches by 20 inches
    • 17 inches by 23 inches
    • 20 inches by 30 inches

    Custom printed tissue paper has a wide variety of uses:

    • Insert in a wine gift bag or gift bag, line a gift box, or wrap flowers to add personalization and color to your gift.
    • It’s a great protective cover for jewelry, ceramics, glass products, and premium footwear.
    • Brilliantly use for events as marketing swag to preserve company branding.
    • It can be suitable as room decor to customize furniture or decorate any space for a party or event.
    • Wrapping gifts will nicely complete the packaging look and make it unique with a custom printed message.

    Tissue Paper Uses

    Customized tissue paper has a wide range of applications. Looking for a creative and memorable way to present a gift to your family, friends, colleagues or a boss? Then, decorative tissue paper is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Created with soft, robust, colorful, and stylish paper, it will certainly make your gift look sophisticated and creative.

    The gift tissue paper will be an efficient solution for presentations, birthdays, corporate and social events. Moreover, having a logo on it will significantly strengthen brand positioning and customer loyalty. The same can be applied to wrapping tissue paper. Whatever your choice, Overnight Prints will help make it happen!

    Combine custom printed tissue paper with custom printed stickers to perfectly finish your packaging.