Top Questions about Start Files

  • Do you have guidelines for file creation?

    Yes, both our online designer and Start Files for external programs contain guidelines for preparing artwork.

    Our online designer contains two (2) guidelines:

    Safe Zone (Red): Place all important text and images well within the Safe Zone. The innermost line illustrates the cutting margin. We can potentially cut the cards up to this point. Anything extending outside this area risks being trimmed.

    Bleed Edge (Green): Extend your background image past the Bleed Edge. Unless designing with a border, it is highly recommended to size image files all the way to this outer line to ensure the background fully extends to the edge of the card.

    Download one of our START FILES in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, JPEG or PDF. Each file contains pre-formatted guidelines with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your artwork using an external program. Be sure to verify the correct Product Specifications prior to uploading your design.

  • Do you have Start Files for each product?

    Yes, download our START FILES in PSD, AI (Version 9 or newer), JPEG or PDF format to begin designing.

    Follow the step-by-step guidelines on how to prepare your artwork (files), setup instructions, save instructions and PDF export settings.

  • What is a zipped (ZIP) file? How do I unzip?

    A ZIP file format allows you to both compress and archive your files. Multiple or large files can be easily transferred as one file that contains a package of separate files or folders.

    How do I unzip files?
    Simply double-click on the zip file or right-click and select Extract All. The file will open as a new folder and contain one large file or multiple smaller files.

    We recommend:

    • WinZip for PC users
    • Stuffit Expander for Mac users (applicable to Mac, PC and Linux)

    Once you have downloaded and installed your zip application, you will be able to download and open ZIP (.zip) files.

  • I have my files designed and saved as a .DOC / .PUB. What do I do now?

    All files must be converted to one of our Accepted File Types (TIF, PSD, PDF, JPG, EPS, PNG and AI at Version 9 or newer). Begin by downloading the appropriate product START FILE and save in the accepted file type to upload.

    For further assistance, please save your file(s) as a PDF or convert through  PDF ONLINE, and Please contact us via Online Chat for a quote.