Top Questions about Basic Instructions

  • What are the file specifications for all products?

    For a complete list of available products and their file specifications, refer to our Quick Specs. To submit at the proper dimensions, please design your artboard to the specified resolution and guidelines.

    At Overnight Prints, we allow printing to the edge of the products and we take pride in having the tightest cutting margins available. These margins are 1/8" to 1/16" in between the Safe Zone (red) and Full Bleed line (green) as illustrated in our previews. Please see Guidelines & Cutting for a more comprehensive explanation or download a Start File.


    Illustrates the cutting margin. We can potentially cut the product up to this point. By our policy, anything extending outside of this area risks being trimmed.


    If you wish to have colored backgrounds or images continue to the edge of the product, they must be extended past the Safe Zone to the Full Bleed margin. If they do not continue to the Full Bleed line, you will most likely end up with white strips along the edge of the product due to the cutting tolerance.
  • Does my custom design meet the required specifications?

    Uploaded files must fill the entire area to the Full Bleed dimensions. View our Guidelines for exact dimensions for each product. What is shown in the preview is what will be printed. Please note that the low resolution preview displayed on the website does not represent the actual size of the printed product.

    For more details, view other Common Mistakes.