Top Questions about Placing an Order

  • How do I order?

    We offer several options for placing an order online. You may (1) use our online designer or choose a complimentary template to customize a design; (2) select a START FILE to create and upload a design from another program; or contact us via Online Chat.

    For users to create files on with options to make adjustments to text, images and sizes. To use the online designer, start by going to the specific Product Page.

    1. Select "Get Started" to begin with a blank template or search our extensive library of templates.
    2. Add images, text and/or unique features to your design, including gloss coating or rounded corners.
    3. Select the desired quantity and final options, including paper material type, coating options or rounded corners (if applicable).
    4. Check File Review if you would like our specialists to review the file for any errors. The Standard File Review fee is $1 per item.

    If you experience problems with our online designer, a common error may be cookies that interfere with our system. To resolve this issue, clear the cache and cookies from your browser then reopen a new browser. Please contact us via Online Chat for further assistance.

    For files to be printed as is and has no editing features. To create a design in another program or to upload an existing design, visit our DESIGN GUIDE for accepted file types and product specifications or download a pre-formatted Start File.

    1. On the Product Page, select "Get Started" to upload a design.
    2. Click Upload to drag and drop files or manually upload from your computer.
    3. Select the appropriate files for the Front and Back of your product, if applicable.
    4. Preview and approve your design.

    For design help, consult with our team of graphic designers who can create custom designs for any print product. From the Product Page, select "Get Started" to start a consultation under Design Services.

  • What is "Clone"?

    Our clone feature allows you to duplicate an item in the shopping cart. This feature helps save time when using our online designers in the event that you need to change the contents on the same template for multiple orders.

    If you are cloning an uploaded design, the contents of the file cannot be changed; however, cloning allows you to add the same item for large quantity ordering.

    Once you clone the item, click "Edit" and make the necessary changes as needed.

  • Do all orders have to be placed online?

    Yes, all orders must be placed by the customer through If file assistance is needed, please contact us via Online Chat and our representatives will contact you promptly. If the files are too large, provide zipped files in a compressed folder.
  • Am I able to save my design and come back later?

    In order to save a design and come back to it later, you will have to add the product to the Shopping Cart. Once in the Shopping Cart click Continue to Checkout and follow that process to the payment page but not enter any payment information. An invoice number will be displayed in the top right hand corner for you to return to your design at a later date.

    Once you are ready to return to your design and continue, log in to My ACCOUNT and click on the invoice number to complete the design and process payment. Please note that if this process is not completed, the entire design will be erased and you will have to start from the beginning.

  • Can I receive proofs prior to print?

    We do not provide hard copy proofs. All proofs can be previewed online on the Approve & Order page before checking out. Please keep in mind that computer monitors will reflect a slight variance on color.