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  • What file formats do you support?

    To submit, please upload flattened files under 100 MB per side. To decrease file size, we recommend LZW compression. Please do not submit transparent or multi-layered files. These files may result in issues as our system has difficulty rendering files with multiple images, graphic and text layers, etc.

    • File types: Accepted file types include TIF, PSD, PDF, JPG, EPS, PNG and AI (Version 9 or newer).
    • Resolution: Files must be high resolution at 300 dpi.

    If you continue to experience problems, download a pre-formatted Start File.

  • Why aren't my fonts displaying correctly in the preview?

    Fonts may not render correctly depending on the external program used and how the file is saved. For best results, we require all text and images to be embedded or outlined prior to uploading the design file. We recommend submitting flattened files to prevent this from occurring.
  • My file looks like it shifted in the preview. How do I fix this?

    If the file appears to have shifted in the preview, then the artboard size may not be designed to the proper specifications. Full bleed dimensions can be found under the Upload Info / Start Files tab on each Product Page or view our QUICK SPECS. Please submit flattened files for correct preview.