Top Questions about Terminology

  • What is Kerning?

    Kerning is the horizontal space between individual characters or letter. Adjusting the distance creates more pleasing and proportional balance.
    what is kerning, design term - FAQ
  • What is Resolution?

    Resolution refers to the measure of the quality in detail and sharpness of an image. The higher the resolution, the more clear an image looks.
    what is resolution, design term - FAQ
  • What is Blur?

    Blur is a tool to soften or smooth parts of a photo.
    what is blur, design term - FAQ
  • What is Sharpen?

    Sharpen is increasing image clarity by highlighting the edges and fine details of an image.
    what is sharpen, design term - FAQ
  • What is the Golden Ratio?

    The Golden Ratio, also known as the 'Golden Mean', is a mathematical ratio approximately equal to 1:1.61 used to create aesthetically pleasing compositions. The well-known Golden Rectangle consists of a large rectangle split into a perfect square and a small rectangle with the same aspect ratio as the large rectangle.