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  • What is ISO?

    ISO is a rating that refers to the speed of film expressed as a number that indicates an image sensor's sensitivity to light in a digital camera.
  • What is a Lossy file format?

    Lossy file formats delete details to compress data and reduce file size. A JPEG file is an example of a lossy file format.
  • What does Lossless mean?

    Lossless is a file format that restores image details from compressed data. A PNG file is an example of a lossless file format.
  • What is Raster?

    Raster refers to a digital image composed of pixels on a grid. Changing the size of a rasterized image will greatly affect its quality.
  • What is a BMP?

    A BMP, also known as a device independent bitmap (DIB), is a bitmap image file that is an uncompressed raster file format made up of pixel grids and used to store bitmap image files.
  • What is a PSD?

    PSD stands for 'Photoshop document', this refers to a file format and extension for working raster image files created in Adobe Photoshop.
  • What is a PNG?

    PNG stands for 'portable network graphics', this web-based file format uses lossless comprehension. A PNG file is ideal for images with transparent backgrounds.
  • What is a TIFF?

    TIFF stands for 'tagged image file format', this refers to a graphic and page layout file format typically used for high color depth images.
  • What is a ZIP?

    ZIP stands for 'zone information protocol', this is a file format that compresses and combines several files into a single, smaller file without losing data when it is decompressed.
  • What is a Pixel?

    A pixel is the smallest programmable square-shaped dot on a digital screen. The more pixels an image contains, the higher the resolution.
  • What is a JPG?

    JPG stands for 'joint photographic electronic group', this refers to a raster file format that uses lossless comprehension.
  • What is a PDF?

    PDF stands for 'portable document format', this file format can be universally downloaded to present and share documents.
  • What is DPI?

    DPI stands for 'dots per inch', this is the unit of measure of the resolution of a printed piece. Since a higher DPI produces a greater quality, the recommended resolution for high-quality output is 300 dpi.
  • What is PPI?

    PPI stands for 'pixels per inch', this is the unit of measure of the resolution of a digital image.
  • What is a Vector image?

    A vector image is an image composed of points, lines and shapes using mathematical equations. Scaling a vector image does not compromise its clarity or quality.
  • What is a GIF?

    GIF stands for 'graphics interchange format', this refers to a raster file format that supports animation and transparency, and displays up to 256 colors.
  • What is ACR?

    ACR refers to Adobe's Camera Raw format for images and is a tool used for enhancing and editing raw images.
  • What is Compression?

    Compression refers to the reducing of the file size, or bytes, of an image. The most common compressed image formats are JPEG and GIF. Images with smaller file sizes help web pages load faster.
  • What is a Bit?

    A bit is a binary digit that is considered to be the absolute smallest unit available when referring to a digital file. 8-bits is equal to one byte.
  • What is a Codec?

    Codec refers to file formats that record video. Common examples of codecs are H.264, AVI, MPEG-4 and AVCHD.
  • What is an ICC Profile?

    ICC Profile is a universally recognized management standard for specifying the color attributes of digital images like cameras, monitors and printers.
  • What is a Megabyte?

    A megabyte (mb) is 1,024 kilobytes and is used to describe the size of a digital image or file. A typical digital image file size is usually measured in megabytes.
  • What is a Megapixel?

    A megapixel represents 1,000,000 pixels and is the unit of measure used in describing the sensor's size of a digital camera.
  • What is Memory?

    Memory, or RAM, is a form of storage in digital cameras and is typically measured in megabytes or gigabytes.
  • What is a PC Card?

    PC cards are devices that provide an easy way to transfer digital movies and photos from a digital camera to a computer or laptop.
  • What is RAW format?

    Raw files are digital image files that contain all of the data captured at the time the digital image was created.
  • What is an SD Card?

    SD card, or secure digital cards, are removable memory devices that store digital images and files and is typically found in digital cameras.
  • What is a Storage Card?

    A storage card is any device that can be used to capture and store a digital image or movie. xD and compact flash drives are examples of storage cards.
  • What are xD Cards?

    xD cards are small memory devices that are typically found in digital cameras and are used to capture and record digital images.