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  • Car Door Magnet General Care


    • Clean and remove your Car Door Magnet regularly to avoid dirt build-up, scratches and paint fade. Leaving the Car Door Magnet on for a long period of time may result in paint variance on your vehicle.
    • Use a mild detergent to clean both the product and the underlying metal surface. Allow to air dry before using again.
    • To prolong longevity, it is recommended to store your Car Door Magnet when not in use. As with all print products, direct sunlight for long periods of time will cause fading of the product.
    • When storing your Car Door Magnet, roll-up gently or lay flat to prevent creasing.


    • Don't place the product over non-magnetic surfaces or on extremely uneven surfaces, such as lights, reflectors, decals, decal stripes, molding, air intakes and spoilers.
    • Don't apply the product to surfaces that are in direct heat and sunlight, such as car roofs and hoods.
    • When affixing to your vehicle, don't overlay your Car Door Magnet product on top of another Car Door Magnet product (either directly on top or overlapping.) The product requires an even surface to adhere to and is not designed to adhere to the vinyl surface of another Car Door Magnet.
    • When storing multiple Car Door Magnets, avoid stacking the magnetic surfaces against each other.

    Cleaning & Maintenance - Prior to application, clean the surface of your vehicle (or metallic surface) with mild detergent. Wipe down with a cloth and allow to air dry.

    Long-term outdoor usage of magnets on vehicle surfaces may result in slight paint fade, resulting in color differences.

    Extreme Weather - Use care when handling and applying your Car Door Magnet in extremely cold conditions - magnetic material can become brittle and snap.

    Water - Car Door Magnet cannot be used under water or applied in torrential rain conditions. Remember to remove the Car Door Magnet from any vehicle before a car wash.

  • How do I correctly apply my car door magnet?

    Please follow these instructions for your Car Door Magnet to ensure it properly adheres and avoids damage to the vehicle surface, and to prevent it from falling off in transit:

    VEHICLE SURFACE - Car Door Magnets can only be applied to a metallic surface - it WILL NOT adhere to Aluminum, Wood or Fiberglass. NOTE: A Car Door Magnet cannot be applied successfully to vehicles that have just been waxed or painted. Applying to newly painted surfaces can result in damage to vehicles paintwork. Allow (at least) 90 days for paint, 60 days for clear coat and 2 days for wax before applying a Car Door Magnet.

    Choose a surface on your vehicle that is smooth and flat. If attempting to apply to a curved surface, Car Door Magnet can only be successfully applied to a slight curve in the vehicle bodywork. When applying, smooth all air pockets out of the Car Door Magnet and ensure that the corners and edges are flattened down and flush with the vehicle surface. If there are curvatures on the edges of the product, the Car Door Magnet may fall off.

    To reposition the Car Door Magnet, remove completely by lifting at the sides (do not lift at the corners!). Attempting to pull the product into alignment instead of lifting off to reposition may cause warping.