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  • What do your two colored lines mean in the preview?

    Overnight Prints shows two color guidelines to ensure the submitted design meets our specifications. Please view GUIDELINES & CUTTING for a more comprehensive explanation.

    We allow printing to the edge of the products and we take pride in having the tightest cutting margins available. These margins are 1/8" to 1/16" in between the Safe Zone (red) and Full Bleed line (green) as illustrated in our previews.

    Safe Zone (Red): Place all important text and images well within the Safe Zone. The innermost line illustrates the cutting margin. We can potentially cut the cards up to this point. Anything extending outside this area risks being trimmed.

    Bleed Edge (Green): Extend your background image past the Bleed Edge. Unless designing with a border, it is highly recommended to size image files all the way to this outer line to ensure the background fully extends to the edge of the card.