Overnight Prints FAQ: Questions in 'Digital Photo Editing' category

  • What is Stock Photography?

    Stock photography is licensed art and images taken and provided by professional photographers.
  • What is the Rule of Thirds?

    The Rule of Thirds is a theory that divides an image into a 3x3 grid. The subject must align with the focal point where the guidelines intersect.
  • What is an Aspect Ratio?

    Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of a frame reduced to the smallest ratio. The aspect ratio is written as the width then height and separated by a colon (width:height).
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  • What does it mean when an image is Blown Out?

    Images are blown out when a photo is overexposed to light and appears too bright or white.
  • What is Bokeh?

    Bokeh is a blur or haze created when lights are out of focus.
  • What does it mean to Crop an image?

    Crop is the process of removing unwanted portions of an image either digitally or manually.
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  • What is Exposure?

    Exposure is the amount of light on photo subjects. Overexposed means there's too much light whereas underexposed means there's not enough light.
  • What does it mean to Flatten an image?

    Flatten means merging all visible layers into one to reduce the file size.
  • What are Highlights?

    Highlights are the lightest parts of a photo.
  • What is Knolling?

    Knolling, also known as 'flat lay photography', is a photography technique when objects are arranged at a 90-degree angle within a square or rectangular frame and shot overhead.
  • What are Layers?

    Layers are a transparent overlay stacked to create images and effects.
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  • What are Levels?

    Levels are the highlights, shadows and mid-tones in a photo.
  • What are Mid-Tones?

    Mid-tones are the areas between the lightest part, or highlights, and darkest part, or shadows of a photo.
  • What is Noise?

    Noise is spots or specks on a photo that appear dirty or dusty. Removing the dots is called noise reduction.
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  • What is Resize and Resample?

    Resize means to change an image size by duplicating pixels. Resizing may pixilate images and look blurry.
    Resample means to change an image size by filling in more pixels.
  • What are Shadows?

    Shadows are the darkest parts of a photo.
  • What is Unsharpening an image?

    Unsharp is a tool to sharpen an image by creating a blurry, or unsharp copy and subtracting it from the original.