Self-Inking Stamps

Large black Modico self-inking stamp with black ink laying flat on a set of white envelopes, displaying the print of the stamp
Leave a lasting impression and create fundamental efficiency

Accelerate your daily tasks by creating rubber stamps with your signature, address, or company logo. Self-inking stamps save time and make your correspondence look professional. Choose the font, size, shape, and content to stamp with style. Select a design for your business stamps from our customizable templates or upload your own pattern or signature and make your day-to-day work easier.

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    Self-Inking Stamps
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    Full Bleed:

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    Color CMYK Recommended
    File Types TIF, PSD, PDF, PNG, JPG, EPS or AI (Ver. 9 or newer)
    Resolution 300 dpi

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How long do self-inking stamps last? 

    A. When used and stored properly, our self-inking stamps can last up to 25,000 impressions. In general, they will serve you for two to three years depending on the frequency of use, stamp design, care, and maintenance. Bold and solid print graphics tend to use more ink per impression and reduce the duration of use. 

    Q. Do self-inking stamps dry out? 

    A. Self-inking stamps do not have an ink pad that can dry out. Our affordable self-inking stamps are rubber stamps that use water-based ink from the container located over the stamp itself. However, self-inking stamps require a refill over an extended period of use. Not following the care instructions can lead to faster ink evaporation. 


    Self-Inking Stamp Designs

    Upload your own logo, photo or design, or choose from one of our fun template designs.

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    Self-Inking Stamps

    A self-inking address stamp makes short work of repetitive tasks. It's a must for business people, hobbyists & collectors. You can save time on approvals because a customized rubber signature stamp makes short work of processing forms and authorizations.


    These pre-inked stamps last up to 25,000 impressions with award-winning ink transference. It's even refillable! Learn how to refill a self-inking rubber stamp. They come in two sizes.

    On-Time Every Time

    We work around the clock to get your print order to you. That's why overnight is in our name. If you buy it today, you can get it tomorrow. Of course, not everyone needs business stamps that fast, so choose an economical shipping option to save money.