Select Product & Format For Start File

Please follow our step-by-step guidelines on how to prepare your artwork (files). To view a guide, simply select the program you plan to use from the list below. For accurate printing and efficient mailing, use the information we've provided to design according to USPS regulations. Simply select your software and product size to search our full library of templates, setup instructions, save instructions and PDF export settings. It's the quick and easy way to get started.

Step 1) Select Product

Step 2) Select File Format

How to use Start File

Step 1. Download the start file for the product needed.

Download the start file for your desired application/program above.
Download a Start File here ›

Step 2. Create Your Design.

A. Safe Zone
Be sure to keep all text and important image(s) inside the designated red safe zone to ensure your information will not be cut See more information about our file guidelines ›

B. Common Mistakes
Click here to check our examples of incorrect submissions to ensure your design is ready for upload.

C. Card Orientation
When creating a double-sided business card, check our orientation page on how to correctly design your files See more information about double-sided card orientation ›

Step 3. Upload your design for print.

Once your design is finalized, remember to remove the start file guidelines layer and/or USPS regulation guidelines. There should be no crop marks, trim marks, or other guides on the file. We recommend flattening your design for upload submission. We also recommend outlining all text and images for print. Accepted file types are: 300 dpi TIF, PDF, JPG, AI and EPS version 8 or lower.

Be sure to check the low-resolution previews (digital proof) and follow the simple instructions to finish and approve your order. We do not provide hard copy proofs.

How to create your own Start File