Do you need to order copious amounts of print products for every employee within your company? If you do, don’t try to order one-by-one for each employee in your account. Whether you have five employees or a million employees, we’ve made ordering simply and unique for you and your brand. Acquire your own Overnight Prints Business URL. The URL and ordering process can remain internal (to maintain branding across properties) or published externally. Place as many designs and products on your customized platform, for your employees to purchase and leave the rest to us. Your business is important to us and we’re committed to creating and expanding capabilities and streamlined processes that help you focus on elevating your business.

With our 5+ employee program we will create your own personal company URL for you that will lead you directly to where your company templates are. This means each of your employees will have the ability to make their own company business cards, postcards, and more effortlessly. By simply inserting their names and titles they will be able to save their template, and order as many as they like once finished. After creating their products they can check out instantly and securely and be on their way.

Our goal is to make this process custom to your business and provide access for all your employees to create their own material. Feel free to upload as many templates as needed. We urge our customers to keep in mind that our business URL comes with restrictions such as our font limitation. If the card is not pre-designed and a name needs to be entered in one of the fields, our site only allows a certain amount of fonts. This means if we do not carry the company font on the website you would need to choose from one of our alternate fonts.

The biggest reason why our customers choose to do the Business URL is because it is efficient, effective, and saves lots of time. Let all of your employees enjoy the easy access Overnight Prints delivers and have your very own URL. Employees can make their own cards using the template designs you have placed, check out, and be done. The process is great for both small businesses and corporations.

If you’re interested in getting started or want to know additional information on this service please email as we would be thrilled to help.

What is Overnight Prints for Business?

It's a personal service for business ordering for 5+ employees, if this sounds like you, then fill in the contact form below so we can help you get started, and keep you updated with all things Overnight Prints.

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