Overnight Prints FAQ: Questions in 'Self Inking Stamps' category

  • What are self-inking stamps?

    Self Inking Stamps are stamps located inside of a cartridge. Inside this cartridge is an ink plate made of specially foamed materials that the stamp is pressed against. When you press down on the stamp, the ink is dispensed through the ink-permeable areas of the text plate onto the paper. This is why there isn't any loss of quality, which is the result of the uneven transfer of ink from the ink plate onto the text plate (common with conventional wooden- or self inking stamps made of polymer or rubber). For best results, design your stamp file using thick, bold text. We do not recommend most script and thin fonts.
  • Is there a preferred font size I should use for my self-inking stamp?

    You should use 6 point or higher in all of your fonts. This will allow for the rubber to distinguish between characters and increase the readability of your stamped image.
  • What color inks am I able to purchase on a stamp?

    Currently we offer only black ink, however in the future we plan on offering a variety of colors.
  • How long do self-inking stamps last? How do I refill my self- inking-stamp?

    Our self inking stamps should last anywhere from 20,000 to 25,000 impressions based on the humidity of the area. The higher the humidity level the more impressions.

    How to refill your Stamp:

    • Seperate the Grey detachable section at the bottom of the stamp from the main unit
    • Add a few drops of ink* to each of the 3 refill plugs at the top of the stamp (2 rectangle and 1 round - white holes)
    • The Grey bottom section will snap back to the main unit very easily